5 – 13 Spring Snow Goose Hunting Extravaganza

snow goose hunting podcast

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Countdown Until We Leave Spring Snow Goose Hunting

Ending up in a Buddies Goose Pit – South of the Snowline

Prairie Tornado Outfitters – Thanks for Letting Us Use the Pit

Rented a House 7 minutes away

6 Days of Snow Goose Hunting Ahead

When the Weather Gets Nasty – Stay Close to the Biggest Roost

Best Whites to Use Snow Goose Hunting

E-Callers – What are the Vital Components?

2nd Half

What is the Best Shotgun for a Youth?

Are Aftermarket Chokes Worth the Money?

Missouri River is Opening Up North of Bismarck to South of the Wilton Landing

Rapala Coming Out with New Crankbait Colors Again – Crossing Product Lines

Best Rain Suite for the Money?

Best Bibs for the Money?

What are Food Necessities on a Long Hunting Trip?

What are Booze Necessities on a Long Trip?

What is Your Go-To Drink at a Fancy Restaurant?

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