I was introduced recently to a fishing knot tool that I thought was pretty darn cool.  Now I’m pretty confident with my fishing knots, especially for Mono and Braid.  But I always am looking for new ideas when it comes to fishing knots for leaders.  I’ve used everything from a blood knot to knots I can’t even remember their name…and yes, everything in-between.

Well, this fishing knot tool can do just that, and more…  Welcome to Hook EZE.  You can now do various line to line and line to leader fishing knots with ease.  The tool has all the instructions, showing you how.  Not to mention there are a TON of how-to videos for making fishing knots with this tool.

fishing knot tool

It also is a line cutter, hook protector, and on and on.  But where this product really shines is the ability to create STRONG, no-slip fishing knots.  I’m already teaching my kids how to make fishing knots right the first time with it.  It’s one of my dreams to watch my kids grow up with the skills to fish on their own.

There are a ton of knock-offs out there, and I’m not going to waste my time mentioning them.  The original invention deserves ALL the credit.

Let’s take, for example, a VERY COMMON fishing knot we tie and that is fishing braid line to fluorocarbon.  With older eyes, and at times, cold hands…this knot can be tricky normally.  But watch how quick and easy it is with the Hook EZE.

This is a great gift idea for the fishing angler that has everything.  Everyone has fishing knots they can learn, and I can never have enough fishing tools for cutting fishing line and such.

So give this fishing knot tool a try if you’re looking for something new in your boat or ice house!

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