This is a scenario that either has happened to you, or WILL happen to you…only question is, when will it happen?  And what I’m talking about is a complete accident, obviously not something we try to do.  A hook lodged in skin….one of my biggest fears as a fisherman. But staying calm and using proper fishing hook removal techniques, we got it done in no time.  So here’s how it happened…

We were having a decent day out trolling crankbaits while walleye fishing on Lake Oahe on the North Dakota side.  We were in good spirits, it was 80 degrees out with light winds, in other words, beautiful North Dakota May weather.   The line counter clicker goes off, and we reel in another smaller size walleye.  I turned my head away from a moment and when I looked back, my buddy was reaching for the fish.  And then it happened, in an instant, the crankbait stuck his thumb and the BARB WENT IN.

Now if you know anything about Berkley Flicker Minnows (or any Berkley crankbaits for that matter), they have unique treble hooks.  They are curved IN, so anything that it “sticks” will penetrate easily.  And that same goes for human skin, too (not Berkleys’ fault, obviously).

But with that being said, here’s how we removed the fishing hook from skin.  First, we knew with the barb in there was probably not a way to get it out easily.  Not backwards, anyways.  So we pushed the hook back through the skin.  Keep in mind, this was a thumb.  This may not work for EVERY situation but it’ll save your butt.  After you push the hook through (you can see in the picture of the crankbait hanging), simply cut the hook towards the top.  After that, you simply pull it back through and it slides right now.

Fishing Lure Removal

Luckily, my buddy didn’t hit a nerve.  So 20 minutes later, he said it barely felt like it even happened.  We got lucky, it could’ve been worse.  But with that being said, if it happens to you, keep your head cool and assess the situation.  We hope this fishing hook removal tip may benefit your day on the water in the future!

Tight Lines…

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