Episode 21

This week on Review Your Gear Radio…..We Discuss:

Youth Opener Went Well Overall

What do you look for when buying a shotgun?

More on field blinds…how to properly use a field blind.

Snow geese one more time….the hatch was great.

North Dakota Resident Waterfowl Opener

Which do you prefer….divers or puddlers?

What to look for when scouting the pothole region?

NWT 2021 Schedule Rumors


  • Moose on the Comeback – Hunting in the Upper Midwest Continues
  • Grizzly Bear Kills Man in Alaska
  • Maine Sees 2 500+ Pound Black Bears on the Same Day

What to look for in a tackle box

Lithium deep cycle batteries….worth it?

What about ice sonar units?

Tying Chub Rigs – Tips for tying creek chub rigs.  See our video on YouTube.

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