Best Ice Auger of 2018 – Ice Fishing Auger Review

Gearing up for the upcoming ice fishing season? Or maybe just looking to upgrade the arsenal and looking for the latest and greatest ice fishing auger available for 2018?  With gas, propane, and battery powered ice auger options out there, you have plenty of options!  Lets look at the best ice auger from each of the three categories and break down the competition.

Best Ice Auger Reviews 2018 – Electric


Best electric ice auger of 2018

best electric ice auger

ION X 29250 40V Electric 8-Inch Ice Auger

Just when you thought Ion had made the perfect electric ice fishing auger in the Ion 19150, they dropped this bad boy. It features all of the goods the original Ion has, but the additions they made take this a step above the rest. The change from the 40V 3-amp hour battery to the 40V 5-amp hour XC5 battery allows for 60% more battery power, allowing up to 1600 inches of ice drilling power per charge. The new aluminum cast bottom with center point allows for even more precise and efficient drilling. They redesigned the handle bars to allow drilling in tight spaces in your ice shack easier and even tossed on some LED lights to make drilling in low light scenarios a breeze. They did all of this without adding any additional weight, making this 22 lb electric ice fishing auger the most portable one on the market!


  • The additional battery life with the new upgrade is nice, allowing up to 1600 inches of drilling power per single charge.
  • At 22 lbs this is a very light auger which helps with portability.
  • The 12″ extension that is included is a nice and easy to install feature.
  • LED lights make drilling in the dark easy.


  • Priced north of $600, the price itself may keep some away.
  • I would have liked to see them include an additional battery rather than make upgrades to the current one.
  • Retail for a replacement or spare battery for this model runs just north of $200. Again, you get what you pay for.

ion ice auger

ION 19150 40V Electric 8-Inch Ice Auger

Ion is widely considered the pinnacle of electric ice augers within the ice fishing community and for good reason.  I like that Ion is focused on electric ice augers and the quality of their product reflects just how focused they are on having the best ice auger.  The  8″ 40 Volt Ion electric ice auger, or Ion 19150, is their standard and most popular model.  It provides everything you need for high performance and dependability. Typical package comes with one batter with battery charger, 34″ blade with 12″ extension.


  • At 22 lbs it is extremely light weight, increasing portability.
  • Its above average battery power allows for up to 1000 inches of drilling power on a single charge.
  • Throw in the reverse function which allows backing out the auger if it gets stuck in the ice as well as the ability to flush your hole of all ice, it is really a NICE auger.
  • The included 12 inch extension is an added bonus and easy to install.
  • And did I say this baby is QUIET for all you ice ninjas.


  • As with any battery powered auger you must be conscious of keeping your battery fairly warm to avoid draining of batter when not in use.  I keep it in the truck and in my pocket until using it.
  • With a retail price of just north of $500 it is rather pricey.
  • Replacement or spare batteries are also rather expensive running around $160.  But hey, you get what you pay for!

best ice auger review


StrikeMaster Lithium 40v Lazer Ice Auger

StrikeMaster got this one right!  While Ion Ice augers seem to be capturing much of the attention from ice anglers across the country, StrikeMaster’s new 40V Lazer Electric ice auger is causing quite the buzz itself.  This Lithium powered ice auger is super lightweight at only 24 lbs, making it extremely portable.  The double serrated stainless steel blades provide crisp, even, and efficient cutting power.  Equipped with both forward and reverse functions make this ice auger Ion’s biggest threat for “Best Electric Ice auger” heading into 2018.


  • I love, love, love that they included a second battery as part of the standard package.  At just under $200 for a replacement battery, this adds lots of hidden value that should not be overlooked.
  • Each battery is packed with up to 1600″ of drilling power on a single charge.
  • The reverse function is very nice for thick ice and flushing holes.
  • The built in LED light system allows drilling holes in low light a breeze.


  • The blades wore out rather quickly with anything but good clean ice.
  • Much like the Ion, the price alone may keep some people from purchasing.  However, as I stated before, you get what you pay for!

Best Ice Auger Reviews 2018 – Propane

Best Propane Ice auger

best propane ice auger

Jiffy 44-08 Propane Ice Auger

Jiffy has made a name for itself in the gas and propane auger market and this propane powered ice auger checks all the neceassry boxes. At 24 lbs its as lightweight as you will find when talking propane powered augers. The 38 cc, 4-stroke engine provides plenty of drilling power, and the all aluminum transmission and fuel tank holder provide solid durability. The wide handle grips make it easy to control and the starter handle is big enough to operate with the thickest of gloves for those cold weather days. Plenty of options in drill size here with 6″, 8″, 9″, and 10″ available. Add in the 5 year warranty and this is, in my opinion, the best ice auger in the propane sector for 2018.


  • The thing that sticks out most to be is the fact that this bad boy only weighs 24 lbs, which is almost unheard of when talking any ice fishing augers other than electric models.
  • I like the wide grips and how easily this thing handles.
  • And you certainly cannot overlook the 5 year warranty.


  • Again, cold weather and propane operated engines can be a concern if propane is not kept warm.
  • Price might be a bit of a factor for some here as well.

Eskimo HC 40cc Propane Ice Auger

Due to the low maintenance, clean burning engines, and plug and go concept, propane ice augers are becoming more and more popular among the ice fishing community.  Eskimo really did a nice job when they designed this auger, putting it firmly in discussion for the best ice auger in regards to the propane models.  Many of the complaints I hear in regards to a propane ice fishing auger is they are either too heavy or they are lightweight, but lack power.  However, the high compression 40CC motor in this ice auger provides plenty of power, and weighs just 32lbs!  Combine all this with the 5-year warranty that Eskimo offers on all of their power ice fishing augers and you gotta feel good about this purchase.


  • I like the high compression engine as it provides the ease simply changing out propane canisters, but offers plenty of power when drilling.
  • The 32 lb weight is heavier than the electric augers on the market, but beats the gas powered augers by a pretty significant margin.
  • I am also a big fan of Eskimo’s 5 year warranty on all of their power ice fishing augers.


  • Propane is nice because you do not have to deal with gasoline and oil, but you need to be conscious of keeping your propane canisters warm to prevent issues with starting in cold weather.
  • Plastic engine housing has been known to crack and break, especially in cold weather.
  • Service on Eskimo products can be limited depending on the area in which you live.

propane ice auger

Eskimo P1 Rocket Propane Ice Auger 

The Eskimo P1 is Eskimo’s second and newest propane powered ice auger.  Built off of their previous model, the 40cc High Compression propane model, the additions made to this auger took it a step up.  The two biggest additions to this are the addition of the cast bottom, aimed to increased cutting ability and precision.  The new auger features an improved weight of only 26 lbs, making it the lightest propane auger on the market and very similar in terms of weight to the leading electric augers on the market.  Again, you get the no hassle easy to use propane system featured in the high compression auger, the 40 cc high compression engine, 42″ auger length, and added security of the Eskimo 5 year warranty that they offer for all of their power ice augers.


  • The improvements they made in terms of weight are big, at 26 lbs this baby is light!
  • The 40 cc high compression engine gives you plenty of cutting power and the addition of the cast bottom increases cutting power.
  • Throw in the 5 year warranty and this truly is a nice auger.


  • Listed at $500, the price alone may keep some ice anglers from making this purchase.
  • Also, the need to keep propane warm for use in cold weather can be a hassle for some.
  • Service on Eskimo products can be limited depending on the area in which you live.

jiffy propane ice auger

JIFFY 46 X-Treme Propane Ice Auger

Built off of their previous model, the Jiffy 44, this new and improved model sets the bar high.  Claiming to be the most powerful propane ice auger on the market, the 49 cc, 4-stroke engine certainly helps make the case.  This auger has plenty of features including the improve wide handles for increased control, new and improved serrated ripper blade and power point blades that provide increased blade life, as well as increased cutting power and efficiency.  The 5 year limited warranty for added comfort and protection only adds to this full loaded propane ice auger.  Plenty of options in drill size here with 6″, 8″, 9″, and 10″ available.


  • The high powered 49 cc engine is nice and when paired with the new serrated blade system you can really tell how much nicer and smoother this thing cuts.
  • The 5 year warranty is always nice.


  • Price could be a factor here.
  • Also, as with any propane auger, cold weather can make starting difficult if propane is not kept warm.
  • I like the increased engine size, but with it comes additional weight.  The listed 32-35 lbs (depending on drill size) is a bit on the heavy side.

Top Gas Ice Auger Reviews of 2018


Best gas Ice auger 2018

best jiffy auger

Jiffy Model 60 Gas Ice Auger

Similar to many Jiffy products, this is a good quality ice auger at a good quality price.  In fact, I would give this “best ice auger” honors in terms of gas powered.  Equipped with a 52 cc engine and a high torque transmission, this auger packs some punch. Plenty of drill sizes available with options of 6″, 8″, 9″, and 10″. The Ripper serrated blades combined with the powerful engine provide plenty of drilling power. The listed weight of 29-32 lbs (depending on drill size) is pretty comparable to other gas augers on the market. Jiffy’s 5 year limited warranty offers extra security and protection, which is priceless.


  • The combination of a powerful engine and durable, sharp blades offers nice cutting capabilities.
  • The wide variety of drill sizes is nice for anglers looking for something specific in an ice auger.
  • Again, the 5 year warranty is always a big positive.
  • And you really cannot go wrong with the price.


  • Not really any big red flags here, but if I had to find something I would say it is a little bulky and heavy, although not a major concern.


Eskimo Sting Ray 33cc Gas Ice Auger

With all of the fully loaded options out there, it’s easy to get carried away when purchasing an ice auger.  That’s why I like what Eskimo did here.  They released the Sting Ray 33 cc gas powered ice auger which offers anglers all the necessities without getting carried away on extra features and price. The Quantum blades are solid and efficient, foam covered handles help reduce vibration, and the listed weight at 28 lbs makes this auger very portable.  It is limited in drill sizes with only the 8″ option available.  And as is the case with all Eskimo ice fishing augers, the 5 year warranty is a nice added piece of security and protection.


  • The price itself is the big selling factor here.
  • You get a quality ice auger offering all the basics needed to drill holes and catch fish, all protected by the 5 year warranty.


  • No bells and whistles, but again that is not the purpose of this model.
  • At 33 cc, the engine is not the most powerful out there, but again that is not what this model was designed for.
  • The 8″ drill size is standard, but nonetheless, the limited options can be seen as a negative by some.

best gas ice auger

Eskimo Mako 43cc Ice Auger

The Mako 43 cc ice auger by Eskimo is a healthy step up from the more basic model they have in the Sting Ray.  The 43 cc engine offers added cutting power equipped with a muffler guard to avoid any contact with possible hot areas.  Foam covered handlebars offer vibration reduction as well as a finger tip throttle trigger giving you increased power control.  The Mako model has more options in drill size, with both 8″ an 10″ available.  The little things, such as the see through gas tank for easy fuel level checks are a nice touch.


  • The 43 cc engine provides plenty of cutting power.
  • Product seems to start well, even in cold weather.
  • 5 year limited warranty adds extra security and protection.


  • Seems to be a slight break in period which requires more pulls to start than normal, although this did resolve itself with use.
  • Listed weight of 32 lbs decreases portability some.

Hope you enjoyed our review of the best ice fishing augers of 2018 . As always, we would love to hear any feedback from you. If you would like to see a specific product reviewed or even see us add to our current ice fishing auger review, send us an email! Also, be sure to check out our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Channel for the latest from RYG! Happy fishing and be sure to take lots of pictures and let us know how you are doing!

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