It’s that time of year again!  Time to dust off the long rods, put the ice fishing gear in storage, sort through your tackle bags, bust out the fishing net and take the cover off the boat.  What seemed like a winter that would never end is slowly giving way to longer days, warmer sunshine, and open water.  Soon you will be out on your favorite fishing hole pitching jigs for that first early spring walleye bite or maybe drifting fresh cutbait for those hungry early season blue catfish.  Regardless of your species of choice, every angler needs a solid fishing net that they can trust when the situation calls for it.  Choosing the right landing net may seem a bit overwhelming with all of the choices available to anglers.  It is also very important to choose a net that fits your fishing needs. Hopefully our review of the top fishing net of 2018 will help you at least narrow down your choices.  Happy fishing!

EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net

“Editor’s Pick”

The Ego S2 sliding fishing net is probably the hottest fishing net on the market currently.  One of the main reasons for all of the buzz is it’s ability to extend its reach when needed, yet contract back down to an efficient size for easy stowage.  The Ego S2 offers a variety of different hoop sizes, bag materials, and bag depths.  This fishing net also floats, giving it a slight edge over some of the other landing nets on the market.


  • Ego offers a 2 year warranty on all of it’s products which gives the angler some peace of mind.
  • Plenty of different sizes and options when choosing your landing net to fit your needs.
  • They offer handle lengths of 18″-48″ fully compacted and reach all the way out to 108″ when fully extended.
  • Different bag materials options including: clear rubber mesh, rubber mesh,  PVC coated mesh, nylon mesh, and rubber coated nylon mesh.
  • You can make this as affordable and basic or as pricey and luxurious as desired.


  • Its not cheap, priced anywhere from $40-$140 depending on the size and material.
  • Not meant for your really big fish with weight capabilities of 12-30lbs depending on handle length and extension.

Frabill Conservation Series Landing Net

Frabill is no stranger to anglers across the world and it comes as no surprise that they would offer one of the top available fishing nets on the market.  The Conservation Series landing net is aimed at promoting safe and easy catch and release while limited the negative impact of landing nets on the fish.  The 23″x26″ hoop gives anglers plenty of room to land fish and the 48″ long handle offers plenty of reach.  The net is 16″ deep helping keep fish in the net once they are there and the 3/8″ tangle free knotless mesh netting allows fish to be released with minimal impact or harm.


  • Big net with a long reach.
  • Knotless mesh netting reduces tangles and impact on fish.
  • You are backed by the Frabill name, which is worth something.
  • Strong and durable for bigger fish.


  • This net is BIG and does not collapse or fold up.
  • Mesh netting and treble hooks don’t get along.
  • Heavy in terms of a fishing net at 2.4lbs.


Frabill Power Stow Landing Net

Frabill takes durability and big fish landing ability and combines it with functionality and practicality.  The sliding handle allows the net to range from 24-36″ and the folding hoop allows for easy storage, making this and ideal fishing net  for both larger fishing vessels as well as kayak or small vessel fishing.  The knotless mesh netting is nice as it limits negative impact on netted fish for all the catch and release anglers out there.  When completely compacted it stores away at a mere 8″x26″.  The ability to change from full use size to stowing size makes this a very well rounded, any situation type of fishing net.


  • Large and small vessel capabilities.
  • Durable, corrosion free aluminum sliding handle.
  • Knotless mesh netting for easy, harmless release of netted fish.


  • Mesh netting and treble hooks do not mix well.

Frabill Pro Performance Fishing Net

Another solid landing net here by Frabill. The Pro Performance rubber net is aimed at anglers targeting bigger fish.  They did a real nice job here with increased durability and strength in both the 5/8″ aluminum hoop and the 1 1/4″ tubular anodized aluminum handle.  With a shaft length of 48″ anglers have plenty of reach.  The teardrop hoop is more than adequate in terms of size at 20″x23″.  The thing that sets this net apart from its competition is the 3/8″ rubber netting.  Not only is the rubber netting very durable, it also eliminates unwanted snags with hooks and tangling of fish in the net when they roll.   The  Pow ‘R Lok Yoke System is nice and allows the net to be compacted for easier storage.  Really a nice fishing net for heavier fish, as well as if fishing treble hooks.


  • Very durable rubber net material.
  • Rubber net eliminates tangling of hooks and fish.
  • Easy storage with Pow ‘R Lok Yoke System allowing shaft to retract.
  • Large hoop size for easy netting.
  • Good reach at 48″ length.


  • Heavy fishing net at 3.8lbs.
  • Not super deep at 12″.

South Bend Fishing Net

“The Straight Shooter”

This landing net by South Bend is pretty straight forward.  It features an 18″ long aluminum handle with a teardrop shaped 14″x15″ hoop that is 24″ deep.  It is not super durable but seems strong enough to meet a lot of your basic fishing needs.  It retails under $20 and weighs only 8oz.  It is what it is, a pretty “basic” fishing net priced under $25.  Nothing fancy here, but it is really a nice fishing net for smaller fishing vessels or walk in areas where a bigger landing net is not practical.


  • Lightweight and short making it easy to maneuver with your off hand if fishing solo.
  • 24″ deep net allows plenty of room for landing most fish.
  • Very affordable at under $25
  • Good for walk in fishing areas, small boats, canoes, kayaks, etc.


  • Lacks durability and strength when compared to more expensive landing nets.
  • Limited reach with the 18″ handle.
  • Black Poly netting can be tougher on fish that rubber options.

 Plusinno Collapsible Fishing Net

“The Bargain Buy”

The Plusinno collapsible fishing net gives anglers a very affordable option when It comes to foldable, collapsible, and telescopic fishing nets.  The 12″ model has a fixed pole length of 27.5″, hoop size of 12″, depth of 7.5″ and is lightweight at 10.5oz.  The 16″ model has a pole length of 31.5″ when full collapsed but extends out to 38″ when fully extended, hoop size of 16″, depth of 11″ and weight of 14oz. Both models are equipped with a nylon mesh material that makes up the net.  The net actually breaks down where the handle meets the net allowing for easy storage.  Also comes with a belt clip for easy transport.


  • Price is very affordable at $20-$30 depending on the model.
  • Breaks down into an easily storable sized fishing net.
  • Option for extension pole for longer reach.
  • Perfect for canoe or kayak or fishing walk in areas.


  • Would not use for larger fish as the net is not very big
  • Better options for larger boat open water fishing.
  • Nylon mesh material has bad habit of snagging up with treble hooks.

There you have it, a review of what we viewed as 6 of the best landing net options available on the market. Hopefully this review was helpful in helping you make your next purchasing decision!  If you would like to see us add a product to this review or have any input we would love to hear from you!  Thanks for reading and happy fishing!  Be sure to check out our latest review on The Best Walleye Crankbaits of 2018.  Tight lines!



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