One thing is for certain….there are A LOT of binoculars available to the consumer and finding the right pair and knowing how much to pay….well that can be beyond frustrating.

Finding the best binoculars to fit your need is important, whether you are watching that fired up buck chasing does in a snowy cornfield or enjoying the company of a new visitor to your bird feeder.  Looking at all of the binocular options available can be slightly overwhelming.

I mean, how can you REALLY be sure the you are getting the best binoculars with your hard earned money?  With price ranges from $10 into the thousands, how do you know which ones to get and how much to spend?

Lets take a look at some of the best buy binoculars available heading into 2018.  I am VERY CONFIDENT that after a few minutes of reading this review, your binocular purchasing plan will be much clearer for you.


So with that being said……


best binoculars for the moneybest buy binoculars

Athlon Optics Midas ED 

“Editor’s Choice”

If I had to choose one….

These are one of the best binoculars in terms of sales on Amazon and for good reason.  The Midas 8×42 with the ED glass is a very nice pair of binoculars! Packed with features that bring you accurate color reproduction, optimal brightness,  and near perfect image quality, these might be the best binoculars in any comparable price range.  The ED glass reduces chromatic fringe, allowing for a clearer image of your viewing field.  The ESP Dielectric Coating reflects over 99% of the light to your eyes enhancing clarity and brightness, and the advanced fully, multi-coated lens optimizes brightness and light transmission, giving you a true color viewing field.

And if that is not enough….

….the Argon purging increases protection from moisture and the elements, increasing durability. These are truly some of the better binoculars at this price point.


  • Outstanding low light performance.
  • ED glass really helps eliminate glare and ghost images.
  • Incredibly wide field of view, optimizing viewing ease.
  • Easy to adjust focus dial making finding that crystal clear viewing sweet spot easy.
  • Above average eye relief and close range of focus.
  • Includes case, neck strap, cleaning cloth, and manual.  Tripod adapter for increased stability.

Add in the Athlon LIFETIME WARRANTY and how do you go wrong? And did I mention they are PRICED at under $300?!?!

These are easily one of the best binoculars on the market, especially at the price.

Cons:  End rubber protective caps fit more loosely than the eye protective lens caps and can fall off unintentionally.

best binoculars

Alpen Wings ED

Alpen did well with this pair of binoculars without killing your wallet.  The ED glass really enhances both brightness and color reproduction providing above average low light performance.  The Nitrogren filled housings eliminate fog and provide increased resistance to moisture buildup.  I like the long eye relief, making full field of view while wearing glasses easy.  Alpen stands behind their claim of being fully waterproof and fog proof, backed by Alpen’s lifetime warranty. Very comparable to the Nikon’s, but a little easier on the wallet.  When talking about the best binoculars for the money, these deserve to be in discussion.

Pros: Very sharp image, does well in low light conditions.  Lightweight and not overly bulky.  Backed by a lifetime warranty at a very good price for a very good set of glass.  Easy focus adjust.

Cons: Loose front cap connector band, caps fit well.

best binoculars for your dollarNikon Monarch 7

You can’t write a review of the best binoculars and not include a Nikon product somewhere.  The Nikon brand speaks for itself so it is really no surprise here to be seen at the top of a review for best binoculars.  What may be slightly surprising to some is the quality vs. the price paid for the Monarch 7 model.  The ED glass enhances both brightness and color reproduction while the Dielectric High-Reflective Multilayer Prism coating improves image contrast and color quality.  The multi-coated lens system cuts down reflection and glare, and the Nitrogren-filled housings fight fog and provide increased resistance to moisture.

Pros:  Above average low light ability.  Exceptionally wide viewing angle, great optics.  Durable and sturdy. Lightweight.

Cons: Loose lens caps, soft case.  Pricier than the top pick, but the Nikon name alone will cost you a few dollars.

Celestron TrailSeeker

If you are looking for a less expensive alternative and still looking for the best binocular for the dollar, maybe these are more in your wheelhouse.  Keep in mind that at less than $200, you are going to obviously be giving up some quality when compared to the more expensive alternatives.  They offer an exceptionally wide field of view making tracking and locating desired objects easy.  With multi-coated optics they offer good bright viewing with good resolution.  With a 6.5 foot focus, close objects are easy to observe.  Tripod adaptability is nice for increased steadiness.  Quality pair of binoculars at a quality price.

Pros: At 1.45 lbs there are fairly lightweight.  The big selling point is the exceptionally wide field of view and up close focus ability.  Quality viewing ability in low light.  And it’s hard to ignore that theses are priced under $200.

Cons:  Lose clarity on the edges of the field of view when compared to our top choices.  Rubber lens covers are a little flimsy.

hunting binoculars

Wingspan Optics SkyView

Another quality binocular for a great price.  The ED glass provides exceptional control of chromatic aberration, giving you a cleaner, brighter picture.  Nitrogen filled housings help eliminate fog and add waterproofing to help fight the elements.  2 meter close focus allows for increased ability to focus on close objects without losing quality.  Backed by a lifetime warranty for added security and peace of mind.  Looking at the price alone, it should be expected that you will be giving up some quality here vs some of the more expensive options.  Still, when looking at this price point, these should be in the discussion for best binoculars available.

Pros:  Fairly lightweight, lifetime warranty, easy on the wallet.  Good quality for the dollar.

Cons:  Due to the price, you give up some viewing quality and durability. The lifetime warranty always helps provide some peace of mind with any purchase.

There you have it.  We reviewed some of the best binoculars in relation to price available on the market.  As with any product review we do, we would love to hear from you!  Let us know if this review was helpful, and remember, if you would like us to add an additional product or review, shoot us an email.  Happy viewing and stay safe!

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