5-7 The Coldfront Edition

ice fishing podcast

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Weather Didn’t Permit Mille Lacs – Went to Devils Lake, ND Instead

  • Cold Front Shut Down the Bite, It Picked Up Today After We Left (shocker)

  • Tracks are Almost Essential Still

  • Still Had a Great Time with Friends

Shout out to Mike Peluso for Allowing Us to Crash at His Place

Zack Shack is Back!

North Dakota Bill HB1538 Gaining Steam for the Future of Fishing Tournaments in the State – Contact Your Representatives


First Geese Spotted in Western Nebraska.  Squaw Creek Holding Over 2 Million Snow Geese – Cold Weather Will Stall the Migration

Spring Snow Goose Hunting Predictions and Plans for Our Crew

When Will The Snow Geese Arrive in the Dakotas?

Does a Rotary Machine Exist That’ll Last? (Gone Downhill Since the FIRST)

2nd Half

Best Over and Under Shotgun?

What Happens to Ammunition if We Go to War with China?

Best Shotgun Shells

Walleye Fishing on the Missouri River This Spring – Will the North Dakota State Record Walleye Fall Again?

Big Muddy Walleye Tournament in Early May

How Vital is Forward-Facing Sonar for River Fishing Nowadays?

Still Searching for Best Shuttle/Pole Combo for Forward Facing Technology

Best Alcohol Shots Ever Invented?

Best German Food

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