4-5 – The Damn It’s Hot Edition – But We’re Still Cool…

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100 Degree Temps Are Here – Stay Hydrated My Friends…

Lithium Battery Issues

Would you run an electric engine on your boat?

Tales from the Chub Tank

If you could only have one fishing rod…?

Track Systems Hype

Mille Lacs Minute – All walleye must be immediately released. Can keep one in September, though…

2nd Half

Fishing on Fire in the Dakotas All Over


Man Takes Kids Without Fathers Fishing

“The Fonz” Harry Winkler an Avid Fly Angler

Twins Giving Away Free Camo Hats in MN with Hunting or Fishing License Purchase

What’s Shakin in the Garden?

Best Way to Target Walleye in Transition from Shallow Water?

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

Best Summer Cocktails For a Hot Day? Margs, Mojitos, and Mules…Oh My!

Besides Sushi what is your favorite seafood dish?

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