4-17 – We’re Not Clever For a Fancy Title Edition

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Yar-Craft Got a Serious Bath – Yar-Craft Tournament Coming up on the 24th

Best Way to Clean Boat Floors and Carpet?

Can you still beat Hot Sauce for boat detailing?

What to look for in a fiberglass boat these days?

What are “Must-haves” in any new boat in 2022?

Tales from the Chub Tank

Mono Sucks with Snap Weights

2nd Half

Done with swivels and lead core, rookie I know

Mille Lacs Minute Sept. 1-Nov. 30:

  • The possession limit is 1.
  • Only walleye between 20 inches and 23 inches in length or one walleye 26 inches or greater are legal to keep.

So Glad Crawler Season is About Over


  • 7-Foot Mako Shark Jumps in a Fishing Boat


  • Animal Right Group Targeting Lobsters in Fear of Endangering Whales


  • Hunting Activist Uses Media to Criticize Dove Hunting in Texas


Hunting Ducks field or water?

Ice Auger new Battery powered pros and cons?

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

Common Meat Smoking Mistakes?

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