4-15 Finally Feels Like Fall Podcast

fall hunting podcast

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Big Velvet Buck Taken – 176 unofficial – cool story…

Best Ways to Catch Salmon When They Go Shallow

Last Fishing Tournament of the Year Just Over 2 Weeks Ahead

Tales from the Chub Tank

Switching my Trolling Rods to All Mono

Best Way to Maintain Leeches Long-Term

2nd Half

First Sings of a Waterfowl Migration

Mille Lacs Minute

Grouse and Partridge opener


  • USDA Bans Imports of Waterfowl by Hunters from Canada


  • Dove Hunter Numbers Way Down in North Dakota


  • Hunting Accident Sentences Man to 2 Years


Fantasy Walleye Angler Draft… Who would you pick and why?

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

Best Wild Game Eats?

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