4-16 Finally Feels Like Fall Podcast

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Cooler Morning Temps Making it Feel Like Fall

Lots of Bands on Canadas This Year, At Least by Recoveries

Canada Migrator Spreads a New Thing

First Signs of the Migration Started Up North

Walleyes Moving DEEP

Tales from the Chub Tank

Salmon on the Chow

Mille Lacs Minute – Sept. 1-Nov. 30:

  • The possession limit is 1.
  • Only walleye between 20 inches and 23 inches in length or one walleye 26 inches or greater are legal to keep.

2nd Half

Big Deer & Elk Being Taken

Can You Hunt Big Game Anymore Without Trail Cams?

Black and Decker Spillbuster Review


  • Man Mistakes Another Hunter for a Bear


  • Man Sentenced for Selling Fraudulent Hunting Leases


  • Michigan Working Hard to Introduce Women to the Outdoors


When Do You Predict Freeze Up This Year?

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

Wild Chicken Eggs Are Far Superior To Store Bought

Why sushi is comfort food…

Best Gin & Vodka?

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