5-15 2 Wild & Crazy Guys Podcast

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Snow Goose Hunting Trip Recap

  • North Winds

  • Bad Hide

  • Nosebleed Geese

  • Solid Partners for a 4-hour Pickup

Alps Outdoors Chair

Goose Getter Ecallers

Current Snow Goose Migration Status

Missouri River Update

Polarized Sunglasses

Is It Too Early for Tales From the Chub Tank?

Will I Ever Buy a Snare Rod?

Knots Every Angler Should Know

Best Crankbait Snap

2nd Half – By Wild Thing Charters – a Marco Island, FL Fishing Charter

Realistic Trolling Motor Options Today

What is the perfect weight for pitching jigs in the current?

Best Rod Length for Jigs? Jig Raps?

Why Don’t People Pitch More Crankbaits on the River?

Problems with Forward-Facing Technology and What’s the Future?

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

What Happened to Cloverdale Tangy Sausage?

Best Store-Bought Jerky Brand?

Favorite Fish Recipe

Best Non-Woke Beer?

Salmon Eating Obsession…too bad our local salmon sucks

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