4-14 Looking at the Yar-Craft Invitational Tournament on 9/24

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I love getting old and finding new ailments…

So it looks like Chris has one more tournament left…

Yar-Craft Owners Invitational Event on Lake Sakakawea

NWT Championship won on Erie Casting

Tales from the Chub Tank

Off Shore Planer Boards Getting Expensive ($40/board, $30/tattle kit, $18/snap clip) – But They’re Still the Best

2nd Half

Jason and Chris are Hooked on Electronic Pull Tabs (no pun intended)

Should You Hit a 16 Against a 7 in Black Jack? (serious question here)

Mille Lacs Minute – September 1 – November 30, possession limit is one walleye between 20-23 inches or one fish longer than 26 inches. All other walleye must be immediately released.

What’s Lowrance’s Next Move?  Lots of Active Targets Going on Sale.


  • 90-Year-Old Bulldog Fish Fossil Caught By Tournament Angler in Nebraska


  • Annual Redneck Fishing Tournament in Illinois


  • Monkey Hunters in Japan Shoot Woman with Monkey Tranquilizer – Monkey Still at Large


Best Knot for Fusing Braid and Floroucarbon or Mono? (Double Uni Knot)

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

What’s Better Than a Fresh BLT (Tomato/Lettuce/Onion from Garden)

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