4-10 I Can’t Believe Jason Bought a Camper Edition

camper and camping podcast

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Jason Bought a Camper, Woohoo…

Camper Unspoken Truths

Upcoming and Recent Fishing Tournaments

Tales from the Chub Tank

New Garmin XR LiveScope Getting Banned from Musky Tourney Trail

When Live Imaging Shines

2nd Half

Salmon Fishing Report

Mille Lacs Minute – July 16-Aug. 31: All walleye must be immediately released.

Best Leadcore Fishing Combos?  Best Rod?  Best Reel?


  • Serious Catfish Poaching in Mississippi


  • Florida Paying Out for Pythons – Python Hunters in FL


  • Shriners Putting Children on Fishing


Best Coolers for Camping

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

We Both Got Portable Blackstones – What Dorks…

Long Camping Trips – What are the things you forget?

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