3-2 The Waterfowler’s Podcast – We Talk A LOT of Fowl!

Waterfowl Regular Season About to Kick Off, Youth Starting Saturday

Welcome Blake Lawrence, an avid North Dakota waterfowler, talks about the latest in fowl news.


  1. How many days a year do you waterfowl hunt, including the spring?
  2. What’s your favorite way to hunt waterfowl?
  3. Let’s talk about your duck blind. What’s it made of?  How big?  How many?
  4. How big of a decoy spread will your blinds run?
  5. Do you see this as a new trend here in North Dakota like elsewhere?
  6. How are the duck numbers in your area?
  7. Will you hunt snow geese out of this blind?
duck blind
This is one of Blake’s blinds, very well concealed.
waterfowl blind
An inside look at Blake’s floating blind.

Selling My Canada Goose Silhouettes

Steel Shot Still Hard to Find

Charge the Robos and Make Sure They WORK NOW, not on OPENER

2nd Half

Older Decoys vs. New Decoys – What’s Changed or Has it At All???

Favorite Duck to Hunt? Goose? Overall Fowl?

Tips for Old Hunters

  • Hunt Fields
  • Hard Bottom Sloughs (if they exist)
  • Use Kids Bean Bag in Blind as Backrest
  • Use Snow Spread, Where Whites w/ a Backrest

Tales from the Chub Tank

Big Salmon Trip Being Planned Next Year on Lake Michigan


  • 1500 Dolphins in One Hunt Too Much?


  • Grizzly Bear Hunting Coming to Wyoming


  • Red Grouper Fishing Suspended on the Coast til 2022


Mille Lacs Minute – September 16 – November 30, possession limit is one walleye between 21-23 inches or one fish longer than 28 inches. All other walleye must be immediately released.

Favorite Raw Fish (a.k.a. Sushi)

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