Season 2 – Episode 8.  The WINDY Show – Brought to you by Laughing Sun Brewing.

Holy crap is it windy outside!  What does this mean for the lake ice conditions in the Midwest?

Permanent houses and Snow Bears not having a good winter so far

Keys to Staying Light & Mobile on the Ice

  • Light auger
  • Go light with propane
  • Light Rod cases
  • Think About Weight Before You Buy?


  • Fishing is free this weekend in Minnesota, Wisconsin
  • Ice fishing contests in MN all but over except Virtual Events
  • Is hunting under attack in Washington state?
  • What’s up with the Propane shortage?
  • MN Incident (video) about DNR entering Ice House

How’s the weak ice affecting spear fishing?

Too Early to Start Thinking Open Water Fishing?

  • Rivers Are Pretty Much Opening Already
  • Not Much Snow = Not Much Runoff
  • Tailraces will be kicking

Also Too Early to Start Talking Spring Snow Geese?

  • Decent Hatch
  • Time to Look Into More Decoys
  • Tune Up the E-callers
  • What to look for this year – how’s it going to be different being drier?

Will fishing tournaments still be affected this summer by Covid?

Plans for the Casino Cup Tournament Series in North Dakota/South Dakota

2021 Boat Shortages?  Most Shows Going Virtual?  Order and Customize from Factory…

When Does it Make Sense to Build an Ice House?

Will the Border Ever Open up in Canada?  Jan. 21st Still….for now…

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