Season 2 – Episode 21 Topics

Head 2 Head Fishing – Wisconsin Boys Doing Well

Started a 2nd Tank for Creek Chubs

Cold Weather Walleyes


  • ND State Record Walleye Confirmed – Made FoxNews

  • SeaSpiracy on Netflix – Fact Checks

  • Body Found in Illinois by a Man Who Was Mushroom Hunting

Rainy River Still SOLID

How Much is Too Much for a Musky Bait?

Salmon Season In the MonDak / Great Lakes Outlook coho season is going well

Slot Limits for Walleye in ND

Pellet Grill Debate

Too Much Boat Pressure in One spot??

How do you teach your wife to back a boat

Birthday Week!!!

How Fat Men Can Enjoy Alcohol

Sushi without rice is not bad?

Best Rock Band Ever!!

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