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Fishing Articles & Reviews

Bottom Bouncers

Bottom Bouncer Fishing 101 for Walleyes

A fisherman from South Dakota invented the bottom bouncer a few decades ago, and it was arguably one of the most notable changes in walleye fishing we’ve ever seen.  There are so many ways to fish bottom bouncers, making it one of the most versatile

Creek Chub

Creek Chubs Guide – How to Catch, Trap, & Keep Alive

Updated for 2021! If you’ve never used a creek chub for fishing, you’re missing out.  There’s something about them that makes fish SNAP almost every time.  They’re a large, feisty bait that creates a lot of attention in the water.  And when properly rigged, the

Slow Death Walleye Fishing

Slow Death Hooks & Rigs for Fishing Walleye

One of the love-hate relationships I have in walleye fishing is slow death fishing. While I love what a proper slow death rig can do, it’s using crawlers that is my least favorite part of fishing late spring and summer. Crawlers are messy, they get

Soft Plastic Baits

Soft Plastic Baits for Targeting BIG Walleyes

  Over the years, soft plastic baits have changed a lot.  I mean, have you looked at the selection nowadays in the big box stores?  It’s crazy how many brands there are. Traditionally, plastic worms were the ticket when fishing for bass.  I used LONG

Hunting Articles & Reviews

Dove Hunting Gear

What Dove Hunting Gear You Need to Succeed

When it comes to dove hunting gear, it’s really not rocket science. Dove hunting can be as simple or complex as you want it to be (I’m usually leaning towards the latter). You can lay along a treeline, fenceline, or even a ditch. You name

Snow Goose Water Decoy Spread

Hunting Snow Geese Over Water 101

It’s that time of year for me.  I’m done with winter blues and I’m starting to gear up for hunting spring snow geese.  I’ve been writing recently about the truths of snow goose hunting, as well as the 2nd installment…and it got me thinking about

Hunting Snow Geese

The Truths to Hunting Snow Geese – Part Dos

As I write this it’s negative 18 outside, with no end of winter in sight.  I know, grab me a tissue right? We’ve ALL had a LONG winter, and it just feels like spring is still a month out.   As I sit and gather

Latest From the Podcast

fishing podcast

5-16 2 Red Bulls and a Microphone Edition – LOTS of Fishing

Sponsored by Flyway Media – Website Design That Works Putting my decoys away today and waving the white flag Getting the boat stripped and repacked Have a Hard Time Selling Stuff – Pack Rat Yar-Craft 209 is Looking Good Looking Ahead to the Big Muddy Walleye Tournament


5-15 2 Wild & Crazy Guys Podcast

Sponsored by Flyway Media – Hunting / Fishing Guide & Charter Websites Snow Goose Hunting Trip Recap North Winds Bad Hide Nosebleed Geese Solid Partners for a 4-hour Pickup Alps Outdoors Chair Goose Getter Ecallers Current Snow Goose Migration Status Missouri River Update Polarized Sunglasses Is

Snow Goose Migration Podcast

5-14 Podcast Following the Spring Snow Goose Migration

First-time Snow Goose Hunting in a Pit Very Dry Down There Juvies No Snow Like Forecasted Great Time 2nd Trip Was FUBAR No Farmers Around Almost Died Overnight Due to Smoking Battery Truck Rollover in the Group Round 3 Any Day Close to Home…Still Too

snow goose hunting podcast

5 – 13 Spring Snow Goose Hunting Extravaganza

Countdown Until We Leave Spring Snow Goose Hunting Ending up in a Buddies Goose Pit – South of the Snowline Prairie Tornado Outfitters – Thanks for Letting Us Use the Pit Rented a House 7 minutes away 6 Days of Snow Goose Hunting Ahead When the

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