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ice fishing podcast

4-31 We Got Snow Edition – Ice Fishing Podcast

Sponsored by Outfitter Logic – Guide & Outfitter Website Design & Marketing Current Ice and Snow Conditions in the Region Tracked Machines are Pretty Much Mandatory Holiday Wrap Up Finicky Fish to Start – How Do You Adjust? Size down Full Minnow vs. Minnow Head Plain

Slow Death Walleye Fishing

Slow Death Hooks & Rigs for Fishing Walleye

One of the love-hate relationships I have in walleye fishing is slow death fishing. While I love what a proper slow death rig can do, it’s using crawlers that is my least favorite part of fishing late spring and summer. Crawlers are messy, they get

Soft Plastic Baits

Soft Plastic Baits for Targeting BIG Walleyes

  Over the years, soft plastic baits have changed a lot.  I mean, have you looked at the selection nowadays in the big box stores?  It’s crazy how many brands there are. Traditionally, plastic worms were the ticket when fishing for bass.  I used LONG

Best Rod Holders

Best Fishing Rod Holders for your Boat

Updated with new rod holders for 2021! I spend A LOT of time using fishing rod holders in boats. At first, I thought, listing the best rod holders will be easy.  But with so many new competitors jumping into the space, and at great prices,

kippered pike recipe

Kippered Pike Recipe

I got a flashback on my phone about a memory from 2013 during the Dakota Walleye Classic week. I met a guy who was passing around some kippered pike and let me say, the stuff was AMAZING. I like pickled fish recipes, but this one

Snow Goose Water Decoy Spread

Hunting Snow Geese Over Water 101

It’s that time of year for me.  I’m done with winter blues and I’m starting to gear up for hunting spring snow geese.  I’ve been writing recently about the truths of snow goose hunting, as well as the 2nd installment…and it got me thinking about

Hunting Snow Geese

The Truths to Hunting Snow Geese – Part Dos

As I write this it’s negative 18 outside, with no end of winter in sight.  I know, grab me a tissue right? We’ve ALL had a LONG winter, and it just feels like spring is still a month out.   As I sit and gather

Best Dog Shock Collar

Best Dog Shock Collar for Training Dogs & in the Field

You got the new pointing lab puppy home.  You got the dog bed, the treats, the food, the retrieving dummies, dog food dishes and maybe even a good crate (I like ruff tuff – but that is another post).  But what about a good shock

Goose Hunting Tips

Canada Goose Hunting Tips – How to Hunt Geese

I absolutely LOVE Canada goose hunting. Something about how receptive these birds are to goose calls really makes them a favorite to hunt. Now don’t get me wrong, I love duck hunting and shooting ducks as much as the next guy, but lately goose hunting

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