Folbe Rod Holders – 10 Year Use Review

Walleye Trolling Reels

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These days you’ll find A LOT of rod holders on the market for fishing walleyes.  I’ve done a rod holder review recently, and you can see some of my favorites.  But this time, I’m just going to focus on BY FAR my favorite walleye trolling rod holder, Folbe rod holders.  They are made in the U.S.A. (which matters to me) and are made of a very strong material.  As stated in the video below, I’ve used them for muskies without a hiccup so I know they have plenty of strength.  As stated in the title, I’ve been using these rod holders for around a decade.  For walleye trolling, there’s nothing I love more then my Folbes.

They have a lot of attachments for keeping them low, or high…and a variety of bases depending on your boat and how you want to mount them.  I use rails in my boat, so I have them connected that way.  When a fish hits, all you have to do is pull up on the rod holder and it releases…pretty slick.  BUT, they do come with one drawback and that is, I don’t like them when fishing slow deaths, spinners, or other varieties of live bait.  The simple reason, is if the rod holder sticks at all…you’ll find a little profanity slip.  Been there, seen it.  So I use other styles for that.

So if you want to see the Folbe rod holders in action, see the video below.

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