5 -12 Get Ready for Spring – Hunting & Fishing Stuff


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Geese moving up when they can

Are ice eaters worth the hassle?

Snow Goose Floaters…why do we do it to ourselves?

Ecaller Secrets

My 12-year-Olds first snow goose trip as a shooter

Crankbait Buying Season

Now is the time to buy ice fishing gear

Put a cork in our ice fishing season

Prepping the Yar-Craft

Best Way to Organize Crankbaits in a Boat

Why do Midwesterners stress Boat hours so much???

2nd Half

Are drift socks obsolete?

How to choose colors for boat flooring?

Most worthless boat feature?

Birthday coming up what are you asking for?

Best Hip Hop Producer of All Time

Ribs dry rub (Memphis) vs wet (KC)

Best way to coat chicken and fish for the fryer

Best Booze for Hunting Trips

Best hangover cure? Liquid IV

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