5-9 The Whiteout Edition


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We’re looking to break local records for our snow accumulations

Winterkill is Real

Screw Ice Fishing…tough winter

Wild Game Feed at RYG Headquarters (Okay, my Shop)…

10 or 15 lb test PowerPro – does it make a difference?

Best rod/reel setup for pitching jigs for walleye

When to determine jig size

Best portable aerator, hands down

How will chub season look?

2nd Half

Got plans for storing leeches

Minnows right now are bad out here

Lacrosse boots….review after 3 years

Looking at a new quad for next winter…probably Yamaha Grizzly, again

How long do utility trailers last?  We may find out…

Best Place to Buy Tires?

Best Camping View in North Dakota?  Arguably spot 23 at Dakota Waters Resort

Best Uses of a Crock Pot?

Best chicken or fish coating ingredients?

Why is Clamato good?

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