5-16 2 Red Bulls and a Microphone Edition – LOTS of Fishing

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Putting my decoys away today and waving the white flag

Getting the boat stripped and repacked

Have a Hard Time Selling Stuff – Pack Rat

Yar-Craft 209 is Looking Good

Looking Ahead to the Big Muddy Walleye Tournament (Bismarck, ND)

Originally, Due to a later date, I assumed fish would be South, Now I’m not sure…

River Started Slow – That’ll Change Soon

Biggest Mistakes “Lake Anglers” Make While Trying to Fish a River

Best Ways to Speed Up the Learning Curve

  • Fish With Local, Knowledgeable Anglers

  • Always Focus on “Slow” Water

  • Channel Ledges and Secondary Channels Are Always Worth a Look

  • No Substitute for Time on the Water

2nd Half

Future of Walleye Boats – Where Will the Insanity End?

Summer Plans for North Dakota Walleye Tournament Options

  • Governor’s Cup

  • Dakota Walleye Classic

  • Yar-Craft Owners Tournament

  • What am I missing?

Runoff Expectations on Lake Sakakawea

Devils Lake Perch Should BOOM This Winter

What Happens When You Spend $250 on a Fishing Rod and Hate It???

Where Should One Spend Money on Expensive Rods vs. When to Buy “Safe” Buys?

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

Best Camping Cocktails

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