4-29 – The Post Thanksgiving Edition – Lots of Ice Fishing Chatter


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Thanksgiving Food Highlights

Ice Fishing Starting Off A Bit Tougher Than Usual

Going Small When the Going Gets Tough

The Great Ice House Debate – Who Makes The Best Flip Over & Hub?

Best ice reels?

Fireline vs Braid vs Mono vs Fluoro for ice

2nd Half

Gear Review Strikemaster 24v Auger

How Thick is the Ice on Lake Audubon

Ways to Get More Youth Into Ice Fishing?


Lake of the Woods Resorts Bought Out Under New Owners


Man Shot While Coyote Hunting Near Jamestown, ND


100+ Ice Anglers Evacuated from Upper Red Lake


Late Season Goose Hunting Officially Starts

Easiest Hunting of the Year

Best Holiday Cocktails?

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