4-26 Big Weather Alert! Ramping up Deer Opener & Waterfowl Migration is HOT


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Where do we start?  A big cold front coming!

Sunday night – November 6th evening – strong NW winds coming

Waterfowl Migration Will Be En Fuego

Deer Opener This Friday

The Weather Ain’t Great to Start But That Will Change

How Thick is the Ice at Lake Audubon?

Essentials for Packing for a 5-day hunting trip?

What is a must-buy for your Ice Fishing this year?

2nd Half

Can Section Lines Be Blocked to Outdoorsmen and Women Legally?


  • Crazy Landowner Controversy with Hunters in ND Gone UBER Viral


  • Montana Female Hunter Who Shot HuskyThinking It Was a Wolf Faces Charges


  • Serious Fight Breaks Out Outside of Jackson, WY Over Elk Carcass


Northland Doodle bug discontinued will Hustad survive

Are the Opening Door Features on the New Hubs Worth the Jump?

With the border now fully open, how will it affect fishing in lower Canada?

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

Cold weather comfort food (chili, soups, venison)

Best Old School SHOTS (raspberry kamikaze, snakebite, bottom bouncer, liquid cocaine, scooby snacks)

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