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2-29 – We talk about the best cities for hunting and fishing, the MN walleye opener results, lithium batteries, reviews and more!

Season 2 Episode 29 – Sponsored by Flyway Media

MN Walleye Opener Overall, Went Well…

Best Fishing City

Best Hunting City

Tales From the Creek Chub Tank

Clothing available for purchase 

Lithium Batteries


  • Lampreys Making a Comeback in Cali

  • MT Making it Easier for NR Students to obtain hunting/fishing licenses

  • Hunter in MO Mistakes Hiker for a Turkey

Side Imaging – Correctly Mounting is Important

Crankbait Size and Shape Overlooked

And the Winner for Ugliest Planer Boards Goes To???

Best Fishing Rod Under $150

Best Way to Make Eggs

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