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snow goose hunting podcast

4-25 The Snow Goose Hunting Podcast

THE SNOW GOOSE HUNTERS PODCAST Snow geese migrating into the states, finally Fine-tuning your snow goose scouting Snow goose socks or full bodies? Best motion decoys for snows What percentage of blues should you use for decoys? Best way to hide? Best backrests for snow

outdoors podcast

4-24 Breaklines & Firing Lines Follow-Up – Podcast of the Outdoors

Email Newsletter Recap – News/Reviews/Bomb Smoked Salmon Recipe & More Hustad Went Duck Hunting Again Pheasant Hunting Public Land Key to Pheasant Hunting??? – Don’t Break Out a New Outfit for Opener Got Cold Today….How Thick is the Ice on Lake Audubon?? New Cabelas Prairie

fall hunting podcast

4-23 Fall Hunting & Fishing Rolls On Podcast

The mid-season lull in the waterfowl migration is upon us Amazon Alert – Solid Price on a Good Layout Chair (Alps Outdoorz) Lucky Duck Layout Chair Review Comparing Camo Options for Waterfowl Also – Sitka Heavy Half Zip HALF OFF ( How Thick is the

hunting podcast

4-22 Octoberfest Hunter’s Podcast

Sponsored by Flyway Media. Sick of the Cheaters – They won’t be forgotten, let’s move on… Big bucks showing up on game cameras How many game cameras are too many nowadays? Main migration of waterfowl shifting in Canada (especially Saskatchewan) South Dakota Starving for Ducks How

Walleye Fishing Podcast

How to Rig & Fish Creek Chubs

This is a continuation article series on how to properly fish creek chubs and rig them properly.  You can read about how to trap & fish creek chubs here. Creek chubs, as I’ve talked about many times on both articles and our podcast, are great

Planer Boards Review

Fishing Planer Boards & How to Use Them for Walleye

Updated for the 2021 Season! Fishing planer boards have been around a while now, and while they get used by many anglers, I still feel most ignore them completely.  I can really see why they are a lot of added “work” in your trolling and

Layout Blinds

A Review of Layout Blinds in the Field Today

I’m becoming of an age where I guess I would be considered an “old school” waterfowler.  I’m in my early 40s, been waterfowl hunting since I could pick up a gun, and I don’t like to mess around with subpar gear.  Quite frankly, I don’t

free deer mount

WIN A FREE DEER HEAD MOUNT – Risovi Taxidermy Giveaway

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Mule Deer Hunting in Montana

Public DIY Mule Deer Hunting in Montana Tips

 It’s late July and I’m either on a boat or in my office and the expectation of the ever-familiar chime of a new email notification goes off on my phone.  The highly anticipated North Dakota Deer Lottery has been run; NOT SUCCESSFUL! It’s now 4

Hunting Snow Geese

The Truths to Hunting Snow Geese – Part III

Well, the new year is upon us and soon we’ll all be watching and waiting as spring snow goose reports start rolling in. You see, if you’re a snow goose hunter, this is a soon to be the holiday season. As large flocks of snow

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