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4-14 Looking at the Yar-Craft Invitational Tournament on 9/24

I love getting old and finding new ailments… So it looks like Chris has one more tournament left… Yar-Craft Owners Invitational Event on Lake Sakakawea NWT Championship won on Erie Casting Tales from the Chub Tank Off Shore Planer Boards Getting Expensive ($40/board, $30/tattle kit,

4-13 – Sure Glad Tourney Season is Over Edition

Sponsored by Flyway Media. Why I suck as a tournament angler…Hate Fishing Crowds Salmon Are En Fuego Early Season Goose – Geese Everywhere Out Here? Tales from the Chub Tank Time to Dove Hunt This Week Dove Hunting Essentials? Mille Lacs Minute Fall Hunting or Fishing

4-12 – Post Walleye & Salmon Tournament Edition

4 Bears Casino Cup Tourney Recap Yar-Craft Was Awesome I lost everything AND the kitchen sink JT Snares IN-HAND and Hustad blew it Chubs were the ticket I Found Out My 8.5” Chub Rod IS 2-Piece Great Plains Salmon Derby Recap 9 fish for 51

4-11 Prefishing Podcast – It’s Almost Vacation Time

Sponsored by Flyway Media. Had technical difficulty with Logan of the Women on the Water Tournament – Give them a Look on Facebook at Freedom Outdoors Leaving in just days for 10 days of fishing How do you fish that long without getting burnt out? Ways to

Planer Boards Review

Fishing Planer Boards & How to Use Them for Walleye

Updated for the 2021 Season! Fishing planer boards have been around a while now, and while they get used by many anglers, I still feel most ignore them completely.  I can really see why they are a lot of added “work” in your trolling and

Walleye Rigs

How to Make Walleye Rigs of All Kinds

One of my earliest memories as a kid walleye fishing was using walleye rigs.  If you’re a walleye angler and haven’t used or heard of a Lindy walleye rig, then you’re missing out on a piece of walleye history.  Let me explain. In the early

Layout Blinds

A Review of Layout Blinds in the Field Today

I’m becoming of an age where I guess I would be considered an “old school” waterfowler.  I’m in my early 40s, been waterfowl hunting since I could pick up a gun, and I don’t like to mess around with subpar gear.  Quite frankly, I don’t

free deer mount

WIN A FREE DEER HEAD MOUNT – Risovi Taxidermy Giveaway

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Mule Deer Hunting in Montana

Public DIY Mule Deer Hunting in Montana Tips

 It’s late July and I’m either on a boat or in my office and the expectation of the ever-familiar chime of a new email notification goes off on my phone.  The highly anticipated North Dakota Deer Lottery has been run; NOT SUCCESSFUL! It’s now 4

Hunting Snow Geese

The Truths to Hunting Snow Geese – Part III

Well, the new year is upon us and soon we’ll all be watching and waiting as spring snow goose reports start rolling in. You see, if you’re a snow goose hunter, this is a soon to be the holiday season. As large flocks of snow

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