The Trolling Podcast – with Dane Heid of DH Custom Baits


How many boats will we see at Hazelton, ND this weekend?

How many will be trolling cranks?

Best ways to fight debris while trolling?

What color crankbaits work best in clear or dirty water? Rules of thumb…

Planer Board Tips

Setting your rod holders up for trolling versatility 

How to know what size crankbaits to use in different waters, at different times of the year?

Best boat accessories you’ve never heard of?

Best snap weight sizes and styles?

Best trolling fishing line? Why?

Can any reel touch a Shimano Tekota?

Questions for Dane

How many crankbaits did you paint last year? (DH Custom Baits)

Have you employed your boy yet to put hooks back on?

What’s new for DH Custom Baits in 2021?

Favorite crank to paint and why?  What’s your least favorite?


  • GIANT Great White Shark Caught Off Coast in Florida
  • Christmas Trees Used in Wyoming Lakes as Structure 
  • Minnesota Looking to Ban Lead in Fishing Tackle

Current Location of the Snow Geese

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