May 12, 2018 – Nebraska Morel Mushrooms

May 12, 2018

What: Morel Mushroom Hunt

Location: Madison County, Nebraska along the Elkhorn River.

Conditions: Rainy and cool, 60 degrees.

We finally got the much needed rains the last few days.  Looking at the precipitation charts, it looks like just under an inch of rain has fallen in the last 36 hours.  I had much higher hopes for today’s mushroom hunt as I figure we have been missing the moisture more than anything else.

morel mushroom hunting pictures I am hunting the same areas I have been checking over the last 7 days.  The season appears to just be getting started as many of the spots that were empty of morels a few days ago now have a fair number of small fresh mushrooms.  The rain was most definitely the difference maker as everything that I found (just under 2lbs.) appeared to be fresh in the last 24 hours or so.

Most mushrooms were too small to pick yet, but the size is trending up as I was able to find around 2 lbs of morels big enough to add to the bag.  Not bad for a short 1.5 hour hike after working all night. Most of everything that I found came in the middle of the woods, in the areas that seemed to be a little more sparse as far as density goes.  I believe these areas not only get hit with sunlight earlier than some of the thicker areas of the woods, but I believe the forest floor is also able to receive more of the moisture when it does fall.  Surprisingly the edges of the woods did not produce much.

Check back and follow along as we document the remainder of our morel mushroom season.  And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up to date photos and videos of our hunts!  Happy hunting from all of us at RYG!

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