Morel Mushroom Hunting Bag – Explaining The Mesh Spore Bag Myth

Every mushroom hunter has heard it at least ONCE in their lifetime….”Using mushroom mesh bags spreads morel spores and makes more mushrooms for years to come”. 

But is a morel mushroom hunting bag really that important? I mean, can such a statement really be proven as fact?

I am no scientist myself, however, I see the positives in using mesh bags for morels for many reasons. At the ripe age of 31, I have over 20 years of picking morels under my belt. Every year I learn some new fascinating trend with how and why morel mushrooms grow……but one thing has always stayed constant.

I really believe their is an incredible amount of value in a GOOD morel mushroom bag, and more specifically a GOOD morel mushroom mesh bag.

How to Find Morel Mushrooms – Filling Your Morel Mushroom Hunting Bag

what is a morel I recently wrote an article on “How To Find Morel Mushrooms”, but for those of you that have not read it, I will give you a super quick rundown of what I think every morel hunter should know.


Knowing what trees to look for in the woods will greatly increase your odds of finding more morel mushrooms.  Cottonwoods, dead elm trees, ash trees, and apple trees are often the biggest producers of morel mushrooms.

Morel mushrooms come in all different shapes, sizes, and even colors. Learn your mushroom identification and familiarize yourself with different species of mushrooms. WATCH OUT for false morels!

The grey morels typically appear earlier than the yellow morels. The grey morels are typically much smaller in size and often times much more difficult to spot.

Trust your trees and when you find a good one, check it thoroughly.  Grey morels tend to favor darker, leafier areas, often times next to dead trees and under piles of bark.

One of the biggest factors in predicting when morels will pop is finding the right ground temperature. Typically when the soil temps creep up to that 55-58 degree mark, its go time.

A good tell is usually a 3-5 days after the dandelions start to show up.

But Why A Mesh Bag?

I may not be able to scientifically prove that a morel mesh bag allows a morel to drop it’s spores on the forest floor below to grow in future years….however, I can tell you why I BELIEVE they benefit you, me, and everyone else.

First, as you fill your bag with the great morel, over and over and over, you will really start to appreciate what a mesh bag offers……air for your precious bounty to breathe! morel mushroom pic

Morel mushrooms are about 90% water…let that moisture out!

I mean seriously, how many times have you placed your morels in a plastic bag or cooler, only to find them soggy and smashed when you get home? It is seriously the WORST feeling.

Second, a good morel mushroom hunting bag provides protection and durability. Anyone who has spent any time morel mushroom hunting knows that often times to find the honey holes, you have to go deep in the bush.

Thorns, undergrowth up to your chest, under and over thickets….you name it. As a mushroom hunter, you have to conquer it all.

I can’t even begin to count the number of times I have snagged my mushroom bag on a thorn bush. Thankfully I hunt with mesh.

Plastic bags DO NOT LIKE THORNS!

Third, even if it isn’t proven……SPREAD THE SPORES! Hey, it doesn’t hurt….. For real though, for you guys that tree hunt rather than walking aimlessly through the woods……haven’t you even found those random few morels on walking paths and wondered….why here?

big morel mushrooms

Is my Walmart sack good enough?

Sure it is. It holds morels and I will admit, they are super easy to pack.

But what is your end goal here? If you are hoping to sell your morel mushrooms, why would you be willing to sacrifice ANY of your PROFITS?

Would you not want to get 100% of your find to the market? Why settle for 20% loss due to moisture, crumbling, etc?

I recently spoke to a local restaurant owner whom I occasionally sell mushrooms to and I keep coming back to our conversation. He asked me how I found such nice looking mushrooms all the time.

He told me story after story of guys that came into the restaurant looking to sell their morels, boasting “coolers full of mushrooms”. You know how many he bought? ZERO.

The reason why is so simple…..”They were all smashed down into one big, wet, pile of morel soup.”

Even if you are not posting your morel mushrooms for sale and maybe just want to be able to pass them around to family and friends…..why be okay with ANY loss?

Morel mesh bags WILL increase the integrity of the mushrooms you take home. PERIOD.

Humor me….try mesh morel hunting bags….it’s a serious upgrade over your grocery sack…for MANY reasons.

Morel mushroom spore bags are a THING! morel mushroom hunting bag


Hope you enjoyed our take on the importance of the morel mushroom hunting bag.  As always, we would love to hear any feedback from you. If you would like to  see a specific product review, send us an email!

Also, be sure to check out our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Channel for the latest from RYG! Happy hunting!

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