Deer Opener – Lots shot and many in velvet

Custom Rods – Are they worth it???

When do you think the ammunition shortage will end?

Best Seasoning Not Talked About Enough for Men

Kayaks – What are the necessities of a model?

Boots – What Pair to Wear


  • Fishing Tournament Cheaters Caught in Utah using Science
  • Bighorn Sheep Numbers Up – Licenses in ND to 6 – SHOULD a license be auctioned off?
  • 5500 Cougar licenses in Utah – Deer Population Declining


  1. Custom rods are great until they break and the warranty is only on the blank. May as well buy prefab so the whole rod is covered.

    • Ya know, I hear ya.

      I use a lot of rods from Scheels simply for the warranty reasons (currently 3 years I believe). If it breaks, I just bring it in and get a new one.

      But the custom rod I do own and use often is SWEET for jig rapping, casting cranks, and pitching jigs.

      Thanks for your comments.



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