Fish Cleaning Station Dos & Don’ts – Don’t Be That Guy…

Fish Station 101

It took some time, maybe even decades, but boaters have really figured out the dos and don’ts at the boat ramp. We all have seen it, that guy who backs down the ramp and unloads all his stuff and starts undoing everything. It’s definitely not a common thing to see anymore. Maybe those guys have […]

A Guide’s Life – Being a Fishing Guide in 2020

Guide's Life

If you’re a fisherman or fisherwoman, you have certainly heard the term “the guides life”. Or you hear people say all the time “oh it must be rough being a guide”. I get it, at first glance it seems glamorous to be able to fish every day.  For those of you who aspire to do […]

Jig Fishing When It Matters

Jig Fishing

I have been fishing jigs my entire life since I could pick up a rod.  Jigs have been the number one lure in my boats and on my rods since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. My father, Jim Peluso, moved to Bismarck, ND back in 1974 chasing work with hockey. One of the main […]

Spring River Walleye Fishing Tips for Monster Fish

River Walleye Fishing Tips

Bismarck, ND is known for being the state capital of North Dakota. Did you also know it’s home of the new North Dakota state walleye record? Yes, the elusive walleye record that stood tall for over 5 decades finally came crashing down right in the city limits of Bismarck in the spring of 2018. Amazingly […]