5-3 Outdoor Podcast on the Rocks

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Winter Getting Long….first signs of spring

Winnipeg walleyes

Reverse Valentines Gifts for Men

Are Custom Rods Hurting Big Tackle?

Bill Lewis Precise Walleye Crankbait Review

Don’t Sell Outfitter Fishing Pins – Devils Lake Drama Taking Place

2nd Half

Counting Days til Mille Lacs

Spring snow goose season opened…started slowly overall

Migration ahead at this juncture

Chris Guest Hosted on snow goose hunting podcast….uses a photo of an old friend instead of me LOL…oh well – Wicked Hunting Report Podcast

Boat Shows…why do people go?

HB 1538 – Drama in North Dakota Politics

Livescope XR Coming

  • Bay Scanning
  • Trolling

Mount or Shuttle on the Boat for Livescope?

Running the Yar-Craft 209 Another Year…Boat is Awesome

How long does trolling braid last?  How much use in-between swapping new line?

Renner Cheating in Local Chili Contest by Stuffing it with Brisket….should that even be allowed?

Sake Debate…Cold vs Hot

Best Types of Sushi

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