2 – 42 We Talk Big Fish, Reviews, Latest IMPORTANT Headlines & More!

Season 2 – Episode 42

Tournaments can be very humbling

Why timing is so important for big fish windows

Humminbird vs Lowrance vs. Garmin

Jigging Rap Subtle Differences

Tales from the chub tank

New fish cleaning station opens in Garrison and soon…Fox Island in Bismarck

Jigs….why which size and style?


  • Teen First Time Salmon Angler Breaks Salmon Record on Lake Michigan (43 year old record)


  • Dude…Hold My Beer, I Got a Shark…


  • Petition Floating to Ban All Interstate Meat & Taxidermy Across ALL State Lines


Salmon Updates

Smoked Ginger Soy Salmon Recipe

Newsletter getting a MONSTER face-lift

Rod tubes for your vehicle

Lake Mille Lacs Minute

Are White Claws allowed on the boat?

Best breakfast comfort food besides bacon???

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