2-41 – We test more gear, talk more fishing and hunting, and yes, talk more gear!

Season 2 – Episode 41

Walleye Fishing Lately

What’s Kicking in Salmon Fishing?

LOVE TufLine MicroLead Leadcore Line

I Don’t Hate Lead Anymore…thanks TufLine!

Tales from the Chub Tank

How To Convince Your Tourney Partner That Chubs SUCK

Lake Mille Lacs Minute – Still Can’t Keep Walleyes – MUST RELEASE to NO GREASE


  • Final NWT Stop at Mobridge
  • Randy Moss Hosts Fishing Tournament in Minnetonka
  • Drought Going to Concentrate Hunting Pressure This Fall

2nd Half

Why Don’t They Make Parts for Older Electronics?  AKA…Cannon Downriggers

Best Downriggers for Salmon Fishing

Rebuilding Trolling Reels – Can They Be As Good As New???

I’m Gonna Say It Again…14-foot Trolling Rods Are Too Long!

Specialmate Tackle Box…Rolls in Boat = The End Result

Blackstones Are ALL THE RAGE!!!

Who Doesn’t Own a Flackjacket These Days?

Who Makes the BEST Sour Beer?

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