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2-37 – 4th of July Edition – We talk High School Fishing, bottom bouncer tips, how to fish walleyes when it’s HOT outside, reviews, 4th of July food and drinks and more!

Season 2 – Episode 37 – 4th of July Edition – Sponsored by Flyway Media

RYG is sponsoring a High School Fishing Team in CT – Go Arianna!

ND High School Team Looking Ahead

What temperature is TOO HOT to fish?

Sunscreen or Not?

Lake Mille Lacs Minute 

How much does a swivel on a hook make a difference in line twist?

Bottom Bouncer Subtle Tips & Tricks

2nd Half

Tales from the Chub Tank

How to Find Walleyes on FLAT water


  • Oregon Goes to the Extreme with Recent Changes to Fishing Regs

  • New Wolf Regulations in Montana Under Fire from the Anti’s

  • Wisconsin Sturgeon Season Under Fire with Use of Electronics

  • Lowrance Being Bought Out

Who’s Going to Win the Electronics Market in 10 Years???

Are Old School Bait Shops Going to be Around in 20 Years???

BBQ Must Haves for Independence Day

What cocktails are must-haves as well?

What do you do when your favorite sushi chef quits???

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