We talk fishing tournaments, rig components, bottom bouncers, boat ramp courtesy and more…

Season 2 – Episode 34 – Sponsored by Flyway Media

LOTS of Local Tournaments These Days

Tales from the Chub Tank

Do quality components matter for walleye rigs?

Tweaks to factory lures

  • Bladed treble hooks
  • Better quality hooks
  • Changing split ring sizes
  • Custom painting
  • Pushing bill down to dive deeper


  • Fishing tournament raises more than $19,000 good cause on the Columbia river.


  • Fargo’s city hunting up in the Air


  • Federal Duck Stamp now looking to be non-hunting related


2nd Half

Don’t break your trolling motor or your graph nowadays!  Good luck finding them.

Salmon season is upon us

Why do boat trailers SUCK?

Bottom Bouncers

  • When to use what size weight?
  • Using line counters to control distance
  • Different styles nowadays
  • Pulling cranks behind bottom bouncers, when they excel over snap weights

How long is too long of a trolling rod?

Self-Hooking boat trailers gaining in popularity

It’s now late June, and the boat landing horror stories are growing smaller

Tips for Boat Landings

  • ALWAYS get boat ready AWAY from the landing
  • DO NOT load gear on the ramp, just loading and unloading please
  • When the temperature is below freezing, let your trailer drain in the water…NOT the ramp (skating rink).
  • Boat dock is not a swim beach
  • Think of others

Best FREE and Paid Phone Apps for the Outdoors

  • Windfinder (FREE)
  • On X Hunt (PAID)
  • Navionics (PAID)
  • Lakemaster (PAID)
  • Arc GIS (FREE)
  • MyRadar (FREE)

Best Ice Cream Treat

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