2-33 We talk walleye rigging, Father’s Day gifts, new products we’re field testing, creek chubs, gear tips and more!

Season 2 – Episode 33

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  • Bubba Blade
  • Blackstone
  • Auto-Inflate Life Vest
  • Planer Boards
  • Me? I want a Tekota 500……just sayin’

Testing This Weekend

  • Ninja Planer Boards
  • New Various Walleye Rigs
  • New Secret Crankbait

Tales from the Chub Tank

Best Color for Rigging in Both Clear and Dirty Water?


  • Michael Jordan and His 80 Foot Yacht in 3.4 Million Dollar Fishing Tournament


  • BC Man To Lose Vehicle for Shooting a Fake Deer – Too Much or Not Enough?


  • Bomb Squad Called for Pipe Bomb – Turned Out To Be Fishing Weights


2nd Half

Is the Water Temp Important to Walleye Fishing?

Boat Shortage – Used Boat Prices Going Crazy

Tournaments on Mille Lacs Boast Huge Weights

“Sight Fishing” with Live Scope a Total Game Changer

Is Side Imaging Going to Fade in the Future with Live Scope

Best Action Rod for Pulling Bait?

Best Reel for Fishing Live Bait?

Best “Commercial” Pizza Chain Pizza?

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